At Advanced Medical Systems, there are a number of different entry-paths for new graduates looking to pursue a fulfilling career at our organization. From internships to special training programs, we invite you to explore the path that is best suited to you and your ambitions. As a company with global exposure, we have opportunities all over South Asia and South East Asia.

AMS offers internships to qualified diploma holders, undergraduates, graduates and MBA candidates. An internship with Advanced Medical Systems can be just for the summer or as long as a year. But no matter at what stage you are in your education, you will immediately be plunged into real meaningful assignments.

During your assignment, you will work side-by-side with experts in the business. You will enjoy the satisfaction of seeing your work make a difference while you gain valuable job experience. You will apply your theoretical knowledge to real-life business problems and develop your skills in a cutting edge global environment. And educational workshops and developmental tools will complement your on-the-job training.

When your assignment ends, there is a good chance your relationship with Advanced Medical Systems will continue. Many of our interns join our organization after graduation, either directly into roles in our business or as a member of one of our Corporate Leadership Programmes. Get to know us during your assignment, then decide the path that is right for you.

Applications should be sent to and should include a curriculum vitae (CV) and one page describing why the applicant would like to be an intern at AMS and what the applicant expects to achieve from the internship programme.