AMS provides a portfolio of professional consulting services for our customers as part of the Post Warranty Service Program. These services address the need to maximize utilization of your products purchased from us and include services that address clinical and business needs. These services include Marketing Services and Professional Development.


Provides a compelling set of marketing media tools, marketing expertise and solutions to assist centers with their business development needs. Medical marketing campaigns in the Internet age must deliver their message across the various media channels accessed by informed medical consumers and physicians. As a result, centers require a wide array of professional media content for traditional media outlets such as TV, radio and print; and professional content must readily be available for Internet media channels. AMS’ Marketing Service includes a comprehensive media marketing toolkit with professional content for your personal marketing development use. Our marketing consultants will help fully leverage your media toolkit, share best practices and provide you with specific marketing expertise to help launch your clinical program.


AMS is committed to providing our customers with the education required to provide the highest quality diagnosis and treatments. By providing a comprehensive blended learning solution, AMS offers a wide variety of educational models to accomplish this mission. These services include New Hire, On-Site Professional development and New Referring Physician programs.

Should you have any questions regarding AMS Consulting & Marketing Services, please feel free to contact us at or by phone :
Singapore, Malaysia, Australia : +65 6747 2526 | India : +91 80 4219 6530